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Creative Writing ... for fun!
Expand your inner and outer horizons in this safe, supportive class. Increase self-confidence, laugh, be brave, take a chance. Sue provides creative writing prompts that spark imagination, insight, and support writing flow (see examples below). After each prompt, we share our writing (optional) and receive 100% positive feedback.

no experience necessary
6 people max - on zoom
$25 per 1.5 hour class
$125 for 6-week series

Prompt Examples
"The dog wondered ..."
Write for 5 minutes.

I show a picture of an old phone on a table. I say, "The phone rings. You answer. Who is it, and what do you talk about?" Write for 10 minutes.

I play an audio recording while you're writing and say, "Describe what you see in these sounds." Write for 8 minutes.

I show two portraits, side by side and say, "These people are seated next to each other at a dinner party. What are they saying?" Write for 12 minutes.

I say, "Pick a letter of the alphabet. For one minute, list words that start with that letter." After a minute I say, "Using as many of those words as you can, write for ten minutes."

Student Feedback
"Sue's prompts are fun, engaging, and they really make you think!"

"Sue helps you trust yourself."

"I'm always surprised by what I write."


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