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About Susan

Susan Blauner, MSW, is a native of White Plains, New York. She is an internationally-recognized mental health and suicide prevention advocate, workshop leader, professional trainer, and public speaker. Susan lives with major depression, PTSD, and for more than a decade battled borderline personality disorder. She is also a breast cancer survivor—diagnosed at the age of forty-three. Susan lives in Western Massachusetts, where she teaches creative writing and spends untold hours in her studio creating large-scale abstract paintings, textile art, and found-object sculpture. In the fall of 2021, Susan and her dog, Fiona, took a nine-week, ten-thousand-mile solo road trip across eighteen states to The Grand Canyon, where they camped on the South Rim. Susan has Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Bridgewater State University and a Master of Social Work degree from Simmons University—earned at the age of fifty. Susan is writing How I Gave Birth to My Mother, and envisions another memoir in the not-too-distant future entitled Happy for the Rest of My Life.


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