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About Susan

Susan Blauner, MSW, is a native of White Plains, New York. She is an internationally-recognized mental health and suicide prevention advocate, workshop leader, professional trainer, and public speaker. Susan lives with major depression, PTSD, and for more than a decade battled borderline personality disorder. She is also a breast cancer survivor—diagnosed at the age of forty-three. Susan lives in Western Massachusetts, where she teaches creative writing and spends untold hours in her studio creating large-scale abstract paintings, textile art, and found-object sculpture. In the fall of 2021, Susan and her dog, Fiona, took a nine-week, ten-thousand-mile solo road trip across eighteen states to The Grand Canyon, where they camped on the South Rim. 


 Jen Lambert Photo


Susan has Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Bridgewater State University and a Master of Social Work degree from Simmons University—earned at the age of fifty. Susan is writing How I Gave Birth to My Mother, and envisions another memoir in the not-too-distant future entitled Happy for the Rest of My Life.

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