Susan presents keynotes and offers specialized workshops that engage and inspire audiences. 

A View from the Couch: Building Compassion and Empathy as a Provider

This experiential workshop provides medical professionals, psychologists, social workers, police officers, EMTs, teachers and administrators with an inside look at living with and healing from suicidal thoughts and mental diseases. Topics include: C.A.R.E. Compassion, Acceptance, Respect,  Empathy; the ABCs Accessibility, Boundaries, Consistency; humor, imagination, and more.

~ "Susan does a fabulous job of connecting her personal experience to theory and clinical practice."

~ "Susan brings you into her mind and thought process and helped me to see my work with people suffering from suicidal ideation in a new, more empathetic manner. Awesome!"

Breaking the Suicide Cycle:

A Road to Personal Empowerment

Teaches clear, accessible suicide prevention strategies based on Susan's lived experience with 18 years of suicidal ideation, multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, and decades of personal growth. Participants receive a packet of interactive worksheets and explore the wide range of feelings that underlie suicidal thoughts. They learn strategies to identify feelings, navigate difficult emotions, outmaneuver suicidal thoughts, identify triggers, ask for and receive help, and much more. 

~ "Encouraging, motivational, hopeful, helpful. Compact collection of practical coping skills and crisis prevention techniques. Great hand outs."

~ "Suicidal thoughts can help you feel alive. Had never thought of that."

Operation Decisive Victory: Skill Building and Mental Health Strategies for Overcoming Suicidal Ideation

Susan blends workshop contents into an interactive presentation for military personnel.

~ "Very insightful about your experience to enable quality care by Department of Defense/VA."

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